The Best Snorkel Gear – Our Top 7 Picks!

Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to enjoy an underwater dive, but your mask keeps getting foggy or doesn’t seal the water properly? That is why we have reviewed and tested a selection of the best snorkeling set and shortlisted for you the top seven snorkel sets available on Amazon.

Let’s dive in!

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What we Like!

  • Good for fishers and divers
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Easy to adjust the nose pocket with one hand
  • Maintains ear pressure balance and prevents jaw fatigue

First up is the Ranger & Tao from the renowned Italian brand Cressi. They are known for producing quality snorkel sets for diving and fishing.

This particular piece features a mask and a snorkel made from soft and comfortable silicone that lasts longer as compared to PVC.

Moreover, the mask has feathered edges to prevent scratches on your face, and the lens is made from low-volume dual safety tempered glass for optimum clarity.

The top splash guard is made to reduce water from getting into your mask. At the same time, the purge valve at the bottom allows easy drainage for the water.

Additionally, the mouthpiece is also made from soft silicone that ensures that your jaw doesn’t hurt during long diving sessions.

Another great thing about the mouthpiece is that it can be rotated for better fitting without allowing any water intake.

The buckles on this snorkel gear are adjustable with a release flap. It is placed at the back of the skirt for two reasons: to allow you more freedom, and stop water from coming in.

Lastly, this mask comes with a carrying bag for easy transportation.




What we Like!

  • Comes with a foot pocket with dual heel straps
  • The fins are designed to fit all sizes
  • Comes with a lightweight carry bag.
  • Buckle for easy adjustments

Next up is the 3 piece set from US Drivers. This Panoramic View Platinum Snorkel Set includes a mask, mouthpiece, and fins for a proper scuba diving experience.

Moreover, the set is made from lightweight and comfortable materials that do not harm your skin or cause any pain while fitting all face shapes and sizes.

The kit comes with a dry top snorkel for keeping the water out from the snorkel tube. This dry top is submersible.

Additionally, the mask is designed to provide a 180-degree panoramic display of the surroundings. This is through the clear side windows on the mask that extend the viewing area and allow peripheral vision.

The 3-way strap and buckle combo at the back of the mask is easy to adjust, keeps it secure, and resists water intake.

Furthermore, the fins are designed in a way that they fit all foot sizes easily. This is due to the dual composite heel straps on the side of the foot pocket.

This panoramic snorkel set comes with a lightweight and portable carrying bag with panels made from mesh to keep it dry and ventilated. It is one of the best snorkel sets you can get on the market today.




What we Like!

  • Comes with a quick-drying mesh bag with a shoulder strap
  • Strong buckles for strap adjustment
  • Comfortable and durable set

Another snorkeling kit from Cressi is Palau. This kit comes with fins in addition to the mask and the mouthpiece.

The Cressi Palau kit is made from lightweight and comfortable silicone. The mask has dual windows for a clearer view, while the soft, flexible skirts fit any face shape perfectly and reduce water leaks.

At the back, there are buckles to adjust the strap quickly. The buckles are also made from silicone, and that’s why they reduce strain on your head after prolonged wear. While the skirt keeps water from coming in.

Moreover, the mouthpiece has an ergonomic curved design that reduces the strain on your jaw. At the same time, the top end of the breathing tube has an anti-splash special valve that automatically seals the tube.

Additionally, the Cressi Palau snorkel set includes short blade fins with an open-heeled design and can fit a wide range of feet

Lastly, this Cressi Palau snorkeling gear comes with a carry bag made from mesh that keeps the snorkel dry and offers good ventilation to ensure that the equipment doesn’t develop any molds. This compact snorkel gear is easy to store and good for traveling.




What we Like!

  • Nylon mesh bag to keep your snorkel dry
  • Open-heel  design with straps and release button
  • Good choice for beginners and learners

Number four is the snorkeling set from SourcePromate, which includes fins, a mask and a mouthpiece.

The mask is made from soft silicone and includes a single window with a panoramic view. The frayed skirt edge allows a comfortable fit, while the straps at the end of the skirt can be adjusted with buckles at the back.

Moreover, the silicone mouthpiece is ergonomically designed to reduce any strain on your jaw that might lead to fatigue. This allows you to wear the kit for longer periods.

Not only that, but the breathing tube has a dry snorkel top that stops any sea water from getting in the tube while it is submerged.

Furthermore, the fins are open-heeled and have jet vents that reduce drag when you’re underwater. They are also fitted with adjustable straps allowing them to fit feet of any shape and size easily.

Lastly, this panoramic snorkel set comes with a full mesh travel bag that allows ample ventilation to dry the equipment and prevent the formation of molds. It is also great if you like to travel.




What we Like!

  • Also available in XXS sizes for kids
  • Travel-friendly, quick-drying mesh snorkel gear bag
  • Rigid blades on the fins that are good for kicking

The Seavenger Snorkel Gear offers decent quality for the price and is available in kid’s sizes as well.

Moreover, the window of the mask is fitted with scratch-resistant tempered glass. It can even resist damage caused by sand grains.

The skirts are silicone injected and snugly fit the shape of your face while providing a great seal against the water.

Additionally, the hypoallergenic mouthpiece is made from soft food-grade silicone that makes it flexible. The one-way valve allows you to purge water without leaving any residue.

Not only that, but the breathing tube has a dry snorkel top. This has a baffle system for keeping the water out even when the tube is submerged. At the same time, the splash guard stops salt water from getting in while at the surface.

The short fins with open foot pockets and straps provide a great fit. They also have rigid blades that allow easy maneuverability in deep waters.

Furthermore, the travel-friendly mesh snorkel gear bag holds everything you need while keeping your kit ventilated and dry during transportation. In short, this is one of the best snorkeling gear set available on the market.




What we Like!

  • Comes with a floating ball
  • Silicone seal on the skirt to fit your face’s contours
  • Supplied with an anti-fog spray
  • A carry bag made from polyurethane to keep your snorkel dry

Now we’ll review a customer’s favorite snorkeling kit made by SnorkelStar. This standard kit is loaded with great features for a good snorkeling experience.

The tubeless snorkel gear has a flat screen made from a polycarbonate lens with a full-face snorkel mask and a full 180-degree unobscured view. It also has a separate breathing chamber that reduces fogging by keeping the airflow away from the face.

Moreover, this unique mask design with a silicone rubber skirt allows easy breathing without using any mouthpiece that hurts your jaw.

Not only that, but the four-point harness straps at the back of the screen offer a perfect fit while preventing any water flow through the mask.

The extra-long breathing tube has a one-way purge valve to prevent water from getting in. It also has a floating ball at the top for kids so that you can keep an eye on them.

Perhaps the best feature of this diving equipment is that it is compatible with Go Pro or other waterproof recording cameras. Simply install it on the camera mount on top of the snorkeling mask and capture the adventures of your snorkeling trip or do underwater photography.

Lastly, this quality set comes with an anti-fog spray bottle to keep your lens clean and a 10L gadget bag with a quick-dry design to keep everything in place.




What we Like!

  • Comfortable silicone mouthpiece to prevent water entry
  • Low volume silicone mask for easy cleaning
  • A bag for transportation and storage

We close our list with another Cressi kit. This time it’s the Big Eyes & Supernova Dry Snorkeling Set.

This set has a unique feature. The lens is inverted and made in a tear-drop shape to improve downward visibility.

Moreover, the Big Eyes mask itself has low internal volume for easy cleaning. It also has a skirt made from high-quality silicone that fits perfectly on your face and provides ample sealing.

The adjustable strap and the buckle at the side of the skirt offer a comfortable and proper seal and keep water from entering the mask.

Additionally, the breathing tube is fitted with a dry top valve to seal the tube when submerged. While the purge well at the bottom of the mouthpiece expels any remaining water in the tube.

Not only that but the mouthpiece itself is made from silicone and is extremely comfortable, durable and doesn’t cause any strain.

Lastly, the kit comes with comfortable short fins with rigid blades for quick movements, and the whole snorkel gear can be stored in a quick-drying gear bag to carry your snorkeling equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many great manufacturers of snorkeling gear. But in our opinion, Cressi has a great collection of different sorts of gear to fit your needs. It also comes at a reasonable price so that you won’t go over budget.

The Seavenger Snorkelling gear is the best snorkeling equipment, in our opinion, if you’re someone who’s just starting. This gear is designed to fit adults as well as kids. That’s why it is loaded with features that are great for beginners and children.

It also has a floating ball at the top, so you don’t wander off and get lost on your snorkel trip.

Cressi’s Big Eye & Supernova Dry set is great if you’re an experienced diver. It features inverted lenses for a better downward view so that you can have the best snorkeling experience.

There are many great manufacturers of snorkeling gear. But in our opinion, Cressi has a great collection of different sorts of gear to fit your needs. It also comes at a reasonable price so that you won’t go over budget.

Snorkeling sets include a mask, a mouthpiece, fins, and a vest. If you’re just starting out, it is best if you buy the whole snorkeling set.

Typically, you can get a decent set of gear at reasonable prices. However, you should be wary of those extremely cheap kits that offer many features.

The chances are that those kits used cheap material to make the equipment, and while it may be cheaper, it would not offer proper waterproofing properties or a comfortable fit.

It will also degrade faster, and you’ll end up losing money instead.

Generally, good gear will cost something between $30 to $70 and would include all the basic equipment that you would require while offering decent quality and durability.

Buying a mask that fits perfectly and not removing it underwater keeps it free from any fog.

But still, if your glass ends up getting foggy, there are defogging mists and drops that are easily available at a reasonable price.

If you take good care of it and store it carefully, a good-quality snorkeling mask can last anywhere between 3 to 5 years, even with frequent use.

Best Snorkel Buying Guide

Items In Snorkel Gear Sets


Snorkeling masks are designed to prevent water from getting into your eyes and nose. These snorkel masks are available in different designs, such as eye covering and a nose piece or a frameless mask covering the whole face.

The material used for making these snorkel masks is usually silicone, but PVC can also be used.


Windows allow you to see your surroundings, and they come in a wide variety. The window frame can hold a single lens, dual lens, or even lens covering the entire face depending on the design and the face sizes.

These lenses can be regular, tempered glass or scratch-resistant ones.


A snorkel is a tube through which we take our breath. These are essential, especially when you love diving deeper.

The tube usually has a valve at the top. This can be a dry valve or splash resistant one. If you like deep dives to explore the ocean floor, you definitely want a dry top valve as it seals the tube when submerged in water.

On the other hand, if you just want a casual, fun day at the beach and you plan on staying on the surface of the water, a splash-proof valve is enough to keep the water out.

A good quality snorkel has purge valves, top-dry valves, a flexible breathing tube, and a comfortable mouthpiece.


When purchasing fins, it is important to keep your shoe size in mind. Fins are for fitting and snug, so if you by mistake get a smaller size, not only will it be uncomfortable, but it will also not fit properly. At the same time, a larger fin would easily slip off.

Moreover, you should also keep in mind the length of the fins. Short fins are great for novice snorkelers and travelers, but they don’t offer much power.

Longer and more rigid full foot fins, on the other hand, offer greater power and maneuverability and are good for professionals at a higher skill level and love diving deeper for a better snorkel experience.


These snorkeling vests resemble a life jacket. They have similar purposes as in they make you buoyant. If you’re a beginner snorkeler, then using a snorkel vest will help you stay afloat so you can enjoy with your friends for a long time.

Buying or Renting?

Whether you should buy your own gear or rent it depends mainly on your preference. Snorkeling gear can take up space in your luggage if you’re going on a trip. In that case, it is more convenient just to rent the kit.

But this type of dive gear is mostly cheaper in quality and might not allow you the freedom of exploring the reef. So personal gear would be more helpful as it has everything you need.

Open or Closed-Heel?

For fins, you have two options; open heel or closed heel. Open heel fins are adjustable and provide a secure fit. But they do leave the area exposed and unprotected.

The other option is to get closed-heel or full-foot fins safer but not adjustable, so you have to be careful when picking the size.

Other Snorkel sets

If you’re still looking for the best snorkeling gear, then we have some other products you might be interested in.

Phantom Aquatics Velocity is a great budget-friendly snorkel gear. This is a semi-dry snorkel set that features a snorkel mask with a silicone skirt to keep the pressure on your head low. The mask also features dual windows and safety straps at the back. Aside from that, the phantom aquatics is supplied with a snorkel tube of a decent length for breathing. However, it doesn’t feature any snorkel fins for your feet.

This simple phantom aquatics snorkel gear set is ideal for your child and stays within your budget. Since this is a semi dey gear with good durability, that can be used on the surface of the beach, along the coast, or for diving at shallow depths in the ocean.


There you have it! Our list of some of the best snorkeling gear that you can buy right now. We hope you found this review guide helpful in choosing the best kit for yourself.